My Nurse Revalidation

The NMC has announced that all nurses will need to revalidate every three years. My Nurse Revalidation has created an online toolkit to record all the information necessary for this revalidation.

A summary of the NMC revalidation requirements can be found here

The toolkit has been created for nurses specifically supporting the NMC's guidance and is not adapted from a Doctor's revalidation toolkit.

The toolkit is very easy to use on computers, laptops, tablets and phones

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Registered members can use the toolkit to keep a CPD/learning diary up to date for free


In addition our community members can record all the areas supporting their NMC revalidation with pdf reports to provide documentary evidence to support their NMC revalidation.

  • Record your hours worked
  • Record your CPD and learning activities
  • Record your reflections on these learnings and your practice in general
  • Prepare for and document the discussion you have on these learnings with another nursing professional
  • Make a statement about your health, character and professional indemnity
  • Support an appraisal with a third party who will confirm that your portfolio meets the NMC revalidation criteria
There are many other benefits of community membership. More information


Our loyal community members who have had more than 1 year's uninterrupted membership or those who pay for 2 years membership in advance can also use the toolkit to

  • Send professional reflections for discussion with another NMC registered nurse
  • Allow this nurse to confirm that the discussion took place and add some notes to your portfolio
  • Send report of the completed portfolio to your confirmer
  • Allow the confirmer to record that the discussion took place and add some notes to your portfolio
  • Allow you and others to email information directly into your toolkit
  • Attach documents to your portfolio
  • Use your mobile or tablet to photo documents and attach them to your portfolio
  • Print out attachments as part of your final report
  • Request practice related feedback from colleagues or patients via email or on the web directly into your portfolio

More information on how the toolkit works